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The Impact of GRACE

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Listen to what GRACE Families and Children are saying:

“Karie helped us yesterday and today at Grand View Lodge with Teddy. She was an EXTREME blessing to our family. I LOVE her so much!  She is amazing. Thank you SO VERY much for this ministry. I am getting teared up right now because of how much it means to me. Thank you!  You are such a blessing to us.”


“Anna, my GRACE volunteer, is amazing. I know God has given me Anna to help me in my faith and I know that I will always trust her! I will always be friends with her!”

Listen to what GRACE Volunteers are saying:


“I love the mission of GRACE!! I enjoy taking Elaina out and about, as she is a joy to be around!”


” So fun to hang with Caden and help him on the baseball field!” He taught me a few things too!”


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