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Color Grab


  • Select four items from your house that are different colors.


  1. Set each item on the ground creating a big square.

  2. Have your child stand in the middle of the square.

  3. For each round, call out one of the colors and have your child either touch or pickup the item which correlates to the color you called.

  4. You can each take turns being the person who calls the color or the person whograbs/touches the item.


  • Place the items on the table and have the child grab or touch the item that is associatedwith the color.

  • OR name the item that correlates to the color.

Level Up! 

Give your child a couple seconds to memorize where each colored item is around them and have them close their eyes when you call out the color. This will make it more challenging and will hopefully lead to more laughs!

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