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Luck of the Draw


  • Container (cup, bowl, jar, etc.)

  • Letters--You can create your letters using any materials you have at home. Get creative and make your letter pieces using bottle caps, pieces of paper, painted rocks, or just use beads with letters on them.

  • Optional: pencil and paper


  1. First, make your letters (cut paper into squares, paint on rocks, write on bottle caps).

  2. Place letter items into your chosen container.

  3. Shake the container to mix up the letters.

  4. Draw (take out) as many letters as you want out of the container

  5. With the letters you take from the container, create words which either start with one ofthe letters you see or come up with words only using the letters you see.

  • Ex. You draw the letters d, o, r, and o. You can either come up with four words starting with each letter (dog, orange, one, and root) or you can make words only using the letters provided (door and rod).

  •  An alternative option: provide your child with paper and a pencil and they can work on this activity by themselves, writing down the words they are making.

Level Up! 

You can make this activity more difficult by having your child write words that only rhyme or are in a similar family of words. You can also have them make sentences or tell stories with the words they come up with.

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